"2017" season is here, we are open Friday and Saturday Nights (7 pm to 1 am) in September and Sundays (starting October 1st 7pm to 11pm). 

17 acres of walking trails where your worst nightmares have come to life. Below are preview/clues, do you think you can survive?

 The Zombies are roaming the woods awaiting your arrival, they are hungry. Are you brave enough to face them or will you go mad as the hatter? Don't be late or you might lose your head . 

Steer clear of the country folk, the hellbillies do not like people nosing around in their woods. If you are not careful you might meet your end when the lights go out. 

Do you believe all Evil is Dead or do you think it is alive in the dark waiting for you?  It may be in the woods around any turn hiding ready to  take you away, you never know what the woods may conjure up.  

The master has given the power to the queen and she has enchanted these beautiful creatures, but remember all magic comes with a price. Make sure your ready to pay that price before you come play with these Dolls. 

It's all about Voo Doo, is it real or just lore, come and explore our House and maybe you will live to divulge the secrets.

 When I smell you and get your scent, I will hunt you down. I want you for only one thing. I wont give up for 23 days. I will have you and you will be a part of me forever. Then you will know where i got those eyes. 

Once your here its too late, your fate is sealed for eternity, you can never escape. 

Once you know me, you will never sleep again. 

Riddle me this, who loves to turn frowns upside down? Need more help? Who gives a bat a reason to worry, a cat a reason to get scared, a robin a reason to want to Kill?   

It was all clowning around in this town until the Carnevil came around. 

This was just a regular summer camp full of laughter and fun, until he came back. He has been to camp, outer space,Hell , Manhattan and now he's here waiting for you. 

Behind his eyes there is nothing but evil. He has come home and with him, death has come to your town. 

The saw is family. Run Rabbit Run, we love fresh meat. Who will survive and what will be left of them if you get thru our store.  

It is waiting for you in the maze, can you find your way out before the sewers become your new home.       

Admission $15.00 per person, Cash only, no debit

or credit cards accepted. 

Discounts for groups of  20 or more with reservations only,not at the door. Call ahead for reservations,

leave a message and we will return your call.


This is an outdoor attraction, you will be walking

thru wooded trails-dress for the outdoors. Prepare

 to be on guard at all times you never know what creatures are lurking behind any turn.

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"Come visit us if you dare"